Book Character dress up Day

Book Character Dress up Day


This week our school celebrated our book dress up day. I dressed up as Cattiness from the Hunger games. I bought a bow and arrow and a mini backpack. My best friend dressed as a snow bear from the book Secret Kingdom and my teacher dressed as Princess Leia. It was a perfect day! EXCEPT for the RAIN that went ON and ON ALL DAY! But other then that it was a really fun day. We also got to dance to Just Dance. After lunch all the Year 4’s had there parade then after all the classes showed of there costumes. We had a DANCE OFF.     


I Am Poem


I Am Poem

  1. I am crazy and cheeky,
  2. I wonder if I will be a singer,
  3. I can hear my mum shouting at my brother,
  4. I can see myself being the fastest girl in world,
  5. I want to be a person that swims with dolphins.


  1. I am crazy and cheeky,
  2. I pretend I am a horse rider.
  3. I feel I am going to have a good life,
  4. I touch my mum’s hand,
  5. I worry to never see my dad ever again,
  6. I cry I love my brother.


  1. I am crazy and cheeky,
  2. I understand I have to leave my family one day,
  3. I say never give up,
  4. I dream to be something worth working for when I grow up,
  5. I try to be a good person,
  6. I hope to get good friends.




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