I Am Poem


I Am Poem

  1. I am crazy and cheeky,
  2. I wonder if I will be a singer,
  3. I can hear my mum shouting at my brother,
  4. I can see myself being the fastest girl in world,
  5. I want to be a person that swims with dolphins.


  1. I am crazy and cheeky,
  2. I pretend I am a horse rider.
  3. I feel I am going to have a good life,
  4. I touch my mum’s hand,
  5. I worry to never see my dad ever again,
  6. I cry I love my brother.


  1. I am crazy and cheeky,
  2. I understand I have to leave my family one day,
  3. I say never give up,
  4. I dream to be something worth working for when I grow up,
  5. I try to be a good person,
  6. I hope to get good friends.




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